Amzad Ali GenY SofTech, PUNE

I was among the fortunate ones to attend Software Testing training conducted by TM square. I was impressed with the professional and organized approach they had for Software Testing aspirants. The sessions were very interactive and informative. The various knowledge areas were explained by realtime examples. The training and mentoring provided by TM square imparted the aptitude and attitude for clearing the International Testing exam. I am very pleased and happy that I chose TM SQUARE for my training.

Nandini Murthy H.N BLAS-CONNECT IT Services

Automation testing session was very nice and I felt free to ask any question. After asking any question I got satisfactory answers in a proper way and Neeraj sir has a friendly nature so I didn't feel any kind of hesitation ever

Prajakta Dekate GenY SofTech, PUNE

I felt that Neeraj sir has been very supportive and friendly to our batch. He developed more interest in us to learn Software Testing tools. He is very knowledgeable trainer. He solved all our doubts and is being solving now as well. I gained good knowledge and it was pleasure learning from him

Micheal Archer Thermofisher, UK

I felt that Raj paced the course excellently, and time was always given on topics that we required additional effort to understand. He was always happy to answer our questions with clear, concise answers

Jeiel Manuel Baculod AMA, Philippines

As expected from an Indian, very great in explaining things. I love how this guy deliver and explain every topic

Maeve Niebla AMA, Philippines

Our Instructor is very patient and approachable in dealing with us. He spent ample time for us to grasp the certain concept especially those difficult to understand for beginners

Varun Marathe Fiserv, PUNE

The overall experience of the Diploma in software testing course is excellent. Have a great exposure to the tools designed by HP. Mr. Neeraj is also good at the technical side. All the doubts were solved by thorough understanding of the concepts

Sonia Sharma MCA, PUNE

As a Fresher I developed keen interest in learning Software Testing mainly because of the very Knowledgeable Trainer as he well maintained the balance between teaching and humorous attitude so that we can enjoy the learning process, at the same time attain the required knowledge while getting doubts cleared

Edmundo Tucoy AMA, Philippines

Sir Neeraj is manifest positive stimulation for students to participate during discussion. He has profound expertise on the subject matter he presented. He presents relevant examples regarding the topic

Ramandeep Singh HCL, BANGALORE

Under the guidance of TM SQUARE, it was pleasure learning with Mr. Srinivas. Trainers are very friendly and that helped me achieve my goals. I would also add here, TM SQUARE provides the confidence to every individual to hit the market with the great knowledge and helps us to achieve the goal.

Ram Chandra Mahapatra HP, BANGALORE

Hi Friends, I got Placed in HP and COGNIZANT with the help & Great support of TM SQUARE. I would like to thank Srinivas Sir for their full co-operation & support. He is just unique, I am very thankful to Srinivas Sir as well as Mr. Neeraj kumar.
TM SQUARE is indeed the best place to learn testing training. I wish one day, every student should get a job and be settled in life.
All the best!!!